Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit

Schedule a grade specific Second Step Bullying Lesson to supplement our Second Step SEL curriculum!- Ideally, schedule during your SEL block!

Classroom Lesson

Teaching staff may invite me to co-teach or present a Second Step or classroom lesson to help teach and/or reinforce SEL skills!

Student Observation

I can visit classrooms and observe student behavior to help brainstorm intervention support ideas!

Parent/Guardian Support

Parents/Guardians may book a phone call, zoom, or in person meeting with me to discuss their student(s). Please indicate which format you prefer when booking your appointment. Thank you!

Peer Mediation

Staff/families may book a peer mediation appointment for students who are struggling with resolving a conflict.

Sensory Break/Sensory Walk

I can get a student from class and provide a supervised sensory break/walk as needed.

Join Class Meeting

I am available to join class meetings. This is helpful to schedule during your SEL block especially if you are noticing repeating behaviors and think their might be a "hot spot" that needs office level support. If you need more than 30 minutes, please indicate that in the notes. Thank you!


Need something not listed? Book the time and then leave me a message in the notes! I am happy to help! I look forward to working with you!

Panorama Survey Proctor

...Date TBD.... The survey should take 30-45 minutes.

Zones of Regulation Lesson

Need a Zones of Regulation Lesson? Book me to come during your SEL block.

Minute Meetings!

I will come to you classroom, briefly let the whole class know I am there to individually ask them a few questions 1:1 in the pod (to get to know them better). I will pull them individually while you continue with the whole class. The entire appointment should take no more than 40 minutes depending on class size. The minute meeting is 5 very short questions. Ideally, this would take place during your SEL block, but any time that works for you is okay with me! :)